What does it mean Contactless car wash?

Contactless car wash is a car washing method where only specially treated high-pressure water, mixed with various cleaning, polishing, drying and waxing agents, contact the vehicle surface. In addition, the water is heated to a higher temperature, which significantly increases the efficiency and speed of vehicle washing. No other object comes into contact with the car surface to avoid scratching surface of the car. Read More

How long does it take to wash and wax a car in a contactless car wash Zorro?

The sedan car can be washed and waxed in a contactless car wash in 5 - 7 minutes. This applies to cleaning vehicles that are contaminated by normal traffic. Washing time increases when the car is unusually very dirty (for example, with a thick layer of mud).

What is hot wax used in a Zorro contactless car wash?

Hot wax is a special method of quickly applying wax to the vehicle surface. The wax is applied hot to the surface of the vehicle to effectively fill the damaged parts of the car paint (so-called swirl marks and micro scratches). The resulting wax layer on the car surface is then cured to form a durable protective layer. The wax applied in this way can last up to 14 days. Read More

What causes swirl marks and micro scratches on the car surface?

Swirl marks and micro scratches arise when various items come into contact with the vehicle surface (textiles, sponges, brushes, etc.) when washing a car. Unfortunately, this phenomenon cannot be prevented. The most common reason for this is the cleaning of the vehicle without the use of detergents or even without the use of water. Detergents reduce the risk of scratches and swirl marks by wrapping all particles on the car surface with foam (dust, sand, pollution, etc.). The foam-coated particles then "glide" on the surface of the car. A safe way to avoid swirl marks and micro scratches is to wash cars in a car wash with contactless technology. Read More

What types of vehicles can be washed in Zorro Contactless car wash stations?

The Zorro contactless car wash allows you to wash the following vehicles:
1. Motorcycles
2. Cars
3. Delivery vans
4. Trucks
5. Buses

How much does a car wash and wax cost at a Zorro contactless car wash station?

The Zorro contactless car wash provides "2 in 1" service (wash + wax). Every customer gets full service as standard. The technologically advanced solution of the Zorro contactless car wash allows high efficiency of work and, above all, savings in energy, water and cleaning agents and wax. Therefore, the price of the service for washing and waxing in Zorro station is 50-70% lower than in conservative car washes.

What is the water consumption for washing a car in a Zorro contactless car wash station?

Water consumption for washing a sedan is from 40 to 50 liters.

What is the best place to build and operate a Franchise car wash Zorro station?

Contactless Carwash is suitable to operate in places where you can expect movement of potential customers. Please see this article for a detailed answer to this question: Read More

Is it complicated and difficult to operate contactless carwash station Zorro?

Doing business in the field of car wash with technologically advanced operation of a contactless station is not complicated. Car wash station Zorro does not require complicated human resources management or complex marketing and business strategy creation. Operational filling and maintenance is provided by a specialized company or franchisor. For detailed information please click on the following link to the article dealing with this issue. Read More

How difficult is marketing activities for Zorro contactless car wash?

Car washer is generally a local business. Marketing activities to support sales of services are therefore very simple and affordable. Due to the high profitability of the contactless car wash station, this is a negligible cost expense. Detailed information about various suitable marketing activities for the Zorro contactless car wash can be found here: Read More

I'm considering investing in a Zorro contactless car wash. How do I find out more about the Zorro car wash franchise program?

We are pleased with your interest. If you would like to learn more about franchise car wash Zorro, please contact us by email or call us. Contact information can be found here: CONTACT You can also fill out the contact form available here: CONTACT FORM We will respond as soon as possible to your questions and requests.



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