New Zorro Brochure

We are pleased to announce that, on numerous requests from our partners and customers, we have prepared a new promotional Brochure with general information about Zorro Franchise Business in the Philippines.

Feb 17, 2020

Website Upgrade

In order to make the project "Zorro Contactless Car Wash Franchise Business in the Philippines" more transparent and informed, we have significantly redesigned our website

Feb 02, 2020

Active Taal Volcano

In connection with the activity of the Taal volcano in the Philippines, there was an increased demand for washing vehicles that were hit by the fall of volcanic ash. In this context, we published an article on the Franchising car wash Zorro blog.

Jan 23, 2020

Recap of car wash market conditions in the Philippines

We recapped the size of the market in the Philippines in relation to the car wash industry. Number of registered and operated cars, prediction of future development, market value, etc. We kindly recommend to read it. In this article, you can read, among other things, 9 Modern facts and statistics about the modern car wash business.

Jan 21, 2020

Wrote about us

The popular has written an interesting article about our Zorro Contactless car wash franchising business in the Philippines.

Aug 30, 2019

EURIMEX Inc. - legal status Philippines

Dear friends and business partners. We are pleased to inform you that our company EURIMEX Inc. has acquired legal status in the Philippines as confirmed by the registration of the Securities and Exchange Commission. We look forward to our further cooperation. The EURIMEX Inc. Team

Jul 24, 2019

New Logo for Zorro Contactless Car wash Franchise business

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new logo for Zorro Contactless car wash Franchise business in Philippines.

Jul 11, 2019