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Car wash marketing strategies Philippines

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

The best ideas for getting your car wash marketing to a brilliant start.

It does not matter whether you are developing a marketing strategy for your car wash for the first time. Or you are going to replace the old campaign with a new one for the coming year. However, it is important to keep in mind that you need to engage in marketing activities that are successful and bring you new customers. It's not important to pour a lot of money into a marketing campaign. New, creative and inexpensive ideas are important for car wash marketing.

Here are some interesting tips to get you started with your successful car wash marketing strategy.

Author's note: The marketing tips below are designed for technologically advanced car wash systems with high profitability.


The loyalty program is an easy and inexpensive way to get customers to return and reuse your car wash services. There are many ways to motivate customers through a loyalty program.

Loyalty program Franchise car wash Philippines
Loyalty program Franchise Business car wash Philippines

The method of rewarding customer for loyalty is proven in real life and is applied in many business fields. For example, we all know the frequently used "buy one take one" incentives. However, the contactless car wash service requires a slightly different marketing technique.


An ideal way of a loyalty program is a loyalty card, which allows the customer to get a better price for the service if he has purchased a specified number of services for which the customer deserves a reward. In the sense: If you use services with me repeatedly, I will give you a reward (also repeatedly).

Loyalty card Franchise car wash Zorro
Loyalty card is a very effective method for contactless car wash with low financial costs.

The easiest way is to motivate the customer of car wash in two simple steps as follows:

  1. If you use the car wash service four times, you will get the fifth wash with a 25% discount.

  2. If you use the car wash service nine times, you will receive the tenth wash for free.

The type of reward can be changed. For example, if a car wash operator finds that many of his customers have children, it can be a small cuddly toy, chocolate, or a soft drink. In another case it may be a scent for cars, etc.

The above strategy has no losers, it's simply a WIN - WIN situation

  • The customer is satisfied because he has gained benefits.

  • And the car wash operator has not lost much, but has won a loyal customer.

Author's note: Franchise car wash ZORRO allows to realize similar loyalty programs, because the operating costs of the car wash station are very low (only 16 - 35%), so the operator does not have to worry about getting into the loss caused by the loyalty program.


Another effective and inexpensive way is to create a profile on social networks. Nowadays, it can be said that it is basically an obligation for any entrepreneur who is serious about his business. A Facebook or Instagram page is really a good way to not only promote your business but also engage with the local community.

Social networks are good for presenting your business and ideal for creating locally targeted advertising.

On social networks, you can easily present your car wash business just as you would on a website. With the difference that it is necessary to pay for the website operation, but the presentation on Facebook is free.

You can post news, discounts, include your address, contact information, and create ads that target only people in your area. This is a great added value, for example, on the Facebook, where you can choose from many parameters that you want to use for your ad. You can target people by their gender, age, residence, interests, etc. Such advertising is very effective, and therefore you will get many new customers.


Another simple way to create marketing for Franchise car wash Zorro is by email campaigns.

Email marketing Franchise Car Wash Zorro
Email marketing is an excellent activity to take care of existing car wash customers.

The advantage is that there is no need to pay anything and with good efficiency. Customer e-mails can be collected simply as part of loyalty programs. The car wash will provide the opportunity to participate in exchange for the customer's name and email address. This allows you to quickly collect a comprehensive database of customers and then use their email addresses to communicate with them.

For example: The car wash operator decides to provide a 20% discount service at Christmas time for one week (from December 24 to 31). Of course, mainly you will try to attract new customers, but it is good to think about existing customers as well. Customers must be constantly looked after. So use your legally acquired customer email database and send them a Christmas message with voucher discount. This will improve your reputation with existing customers and, in doing so, encourage them to use the service primarily with you rather than your competitors.


A very good way to support your car wash business is some form of partnership in the local community. For example, with a local school or charity, etc.

Franchise car wash Zorro business is highly profitable, so it may be appropriate to release some of the profits to support the local community. Customers will perceive you as a positive, contributing member of the community and will surely come to have their car washed. Of course, you need to consider in advance how much you are willing to release and whether you expect to be reimbursed or not.


There are of course many other methods of promotion and marketing, such as presentations in the form of various signage, shields, panels, banners, web presentations, various social and entertainment events, competitions, etc.

It is true that any marketing method that gains new customers is good. But it makes no sense to realize many different ways to advertise at once, because effective feedback will not be possible. It will be difficult to determine which method was effective.

If you decide to run the Franchise Car Wash Business in the Philippines with us, of course you can expect our full support and assistance not only in marketing matters.

More about Franchise car wash business opportunity.

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