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Car Wash & New Normal

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Another month has passed with COVID-19 and it is very unclear how long this situation will affect our lives, our children, our business, our jobs, our.... everything. We hear more and more about entering a new era called "New Normal" in connection with the Corona crisis.

Everyone is curious and asking what "New Normal" is? Will things ever return to how they were? How long will it take? Unfortunately, we can only guess based on the information that is available, for example on the website of Research Institute for Tropical Medicine in the Philippines: What is the New Normal?

Social distancing seems to be the New Standard.

Social Distancing - New Standard

How to react to the New Standard as a Car Wash Operator?

It is not in our power to change the situation caused by COVID-19, but we can try to adapt and use this unpleasant situation to our advantage.

It's clear that it will be necessary to focus primarily on the speed of Washing and Waxing the vehicle. The customer will not leave the vehicle during the process of washing and waxing. We must also consider that cleaning the interior of the vehicle will not be possible due to respecting social distance.

It is therefore necessary to focus exclusively on quick Washing and Waxing the Exterior of Vehicles.

  • The time spent by the customer (driver) in the car during the provision of the car washing and waxing service must be as short as possible! (no longer than 10 - 20 minutes).

  • We must also assume that the customer will not want to wait in line for a long time. Therefore, the speed of providing the washing and waxing service is crucial.

Does the Zorro Contactless Car Wash meet the requirements for the New Normal?

Yes, Contactless Car Wash ZORRO meets the requirements one hundred percent.

The driver does not have to leave the vehicle during washing and waxing (5 - 7 minutes)

It is an indisputable advantage of automated car washes that Washing and Waxing the exterior of the vehicle takes place very quickly and the driver therefore does not have to leave the vehicle. The whole process of Washing and Waxing takes about 5 - 7 minutes (Vios). In addition, the Zorro Contactless car wash can handle more customers at once in its car wash compartments. The washing compartments are separated from each other and social distances are fully met.

The rules of the New Normal are met by the Zorro Contactless car wash. Mainly thanks to the semi-automated operation and the associated speed of washing and waxing without the need to leave the vehicle by the driver (customer).

Other added value is a fast return on investment (ROI), a high number of served customers, non-stop operation, a modern and high-performance station for washing and waxing vehicles, a business easy to manage, and much more.

If you are interested in operating a Zorro contactless car wash station in the Philippines, Vietnam or Malaysia, please contact us.

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