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Car Wash station near Gas station - Symbiotic Business

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Car Wash Zorro near Gas Station Philippines
Car Wash Station ZORRO near Gas Station EuroOil

In one of the previous articles (What is the best place....), we stated that the Zorro Car Wash station does not need to be built in a big city. The reason is simple, the Car Wash station serve customers and customers can be in the city as well as outside the city, for example, motorists traveling on a busy highway.

One of the great places where a large number of motorists can be expected is the Gas Station. In the photo below you can see the location of the Car Wash near the Gas Station and also near the Super Market.

Car Wash Zorro Philippines
3 different businesses in one place

Business Symbiosis

Each business (Car Wash, Gas Station and Supermarket) has a different owner and operator. However, all three decided to provide their services in one place, where the presence of potential customers can be expected. This creates a great symbiosis, because a customer who came to buy groceries can refuel with gasoline and wash and wax the vehicle. A customer who has come to refuel primarily can wash and wax the vehicle or buy groceries, and so on.

Business Symbiosis (Car wash, Gas station, Supermarket)

Advantage for 3 Entrepreneurs (3 Businesses)

It is therefore advantageous for all 3 entrepreneurs, because thanks to the concentration of three companies providing services to end customers, a space is created where there is a large number of people (potential customers).

3 businessman office skyscraper
3 Entrepreneurs, 3 Services, One location

Of course, it is also possible that two or all three businesses are owned by one entrepreneur. This, of course, increases the profitability of all projects. It is possible to share driveways for all projects, in the case of car wash and gas station there can be only one cashier, etc.

Advantage for Customers

It is also beneficial for customers. They don't have to move from one place to another unnecessarily. Everything they need is handled in one place. There is no loss of time waiting in heavy traffic. The customer will choose the simplest possible solution and therefore will not move between two places when he / she can receive all the service in only one place.

Satisfied Customer near car
Satisfied Customer

Sales volume 10 - 15% higher

Construction and operation of a contactless car wash station near other entrepreneurs who provide services to motorists - customers will have a positive impact on sales of washing and waxing services. In such a case, the sales volume may be at least 10 - 15% higher.


We are currently at a time when the whole world is facing the Covid-19 phenomenon. Most car wash stations are closed due to the inability to maintain social distances. A contactless car wash as well as a gas station do not face this problem. Passengers in vehicles may remain inside the vehicle during refueling and during washing and waxing vehicles. That's why Petrol and Contactless Car Wash stations go well together, and their proximity creates a great business symbiosis.

The Zorro contactless car wash is a pandemic-resistant business solution that does not need to be taken out of service due to the need to maintain social distances.

Watch Video Tour - Zorro Contactless Car Wash

If you are interested in operating a Zorro contactless car wash station in the Philippines, Vietnam or Malaysia, please contact us.



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