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CAR WAX - ZORRO Contactless Car Wash Philippines

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Car wax is a product that protects (impregnates) and improves the surface of the vehicle. Car Wax is best used immediately after washing and cleaning the vehicle. This will give the vehicle a shine.

This is done by applying wax to the vehicle surface to fill scratches and swirl marks with a protective coating.

There are two ways in which car wax can be applied. Contact and contactless.


Contact application of the wax is carried out by applying the wax with a sponge, fabrics and possibly also with a waxing and polishing machine.

However, contact with the vehicle always carries the risk of so-called swirl marks and scratches, as even a small amount of dirt (dust, sand, air-pollution, etc.), which, if dropped onto the vehicle surface, causes an effect similar to sandpaper. This creates micro scratches and worsens the condition of the vehicle surface. Therefore, the most ideal way of waxing and washing vehicles is contactless.


The contactless waxing process cannot cause any damage to the vehicle's surface, since a special gun is used for application which does not require physical contact with the car.

At the same time, modern polymer wax of the latest generation is used. Its indisputable advantage is durability up to 10 - 14 days after application.

The so-called curing process is used for contactless waxing of vehicles. The wax is applied hot and then actively cooled rapidly, resulting in a hard wax coating on the vehicle's surface to protect the car from normal operating scratches and swirl marks. It can also protect the vehicle surface from damage caused by the impact of smaller objects (such as small stones).

Car waxing in ZORRO Contactless Car Wash is very fast. Only a few tens of seconds are required to apply and cure the wax (sedan, eg Vios). Therefore, it is possible to wax conventional vehicles quickly and efficiently, but also, for example, buses or trucks. Manual application of wax to the bus would certainly take many hours. Contactless waxing takes only a few minutes.

Wax consumption is efficient and applied only as much as needed. Moreover, the application takes a very short time. As a result, contactless waxing is cheaper for the customer.

IMPRESSION OF MATTE SURFACE - Swirl Marks (scratches)

Swirl Marks and Micro Scratches under Microscope

If swirl marks and scratches are not treated with wax, the light reflects chaotically from the surface of the vehicle and therefore the car seems to be not shiny (matte).

After application of the wax and curing, a resistant transparent layer is created which protects the vehicle surface from UV radiation and chemicals.

In addition, the light reflects systematically from the vehicle's surface and therefore gives us a shiny impression again.

In conclusion contactless waxing vehicle has four major advantages.

  1. The wax cures and therefore lasts a long time to protect the vehicle and maintain its shine.

  2. The application of wax is several times faster.

  3. It is less expensive.

  4. Contactless application does not cause any damage to vehicle surfaces.

Watch also the video for more information:

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