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Covid Safe Business - Zorro Contactless Car Wash

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Car Wash - Covid safe business
COVID SAFE BUSINESS - Zorro Contactless Car Wash

It is a sad fact that Covid-19 has caused a lot of trouble and inconvenience to many entrepreneurs around the world. Many businesses and companies cannot operate and provide their services to customers. The most affected are the fields of tourism and gastronomy. Many companies are in serious trouble and many businesses have unfortunately gone bankrupt.

New Normal (New Rules)

We can expect that as the number of people infected with the Covid-19 virus drops, people around the world will try to return life to normal. However, the so-called New Normal is already being discussed, which should be implemented in order for humanity to try to prevent future pandemics. Many discussants predict that Social Distance will most likely be a major element of the New Normal.

New Normal Distancing
Will the new normal include new rules on social distance?

However, we must clearly expect that if the pandemic recurs in the future, it will be necessary to be prepared for such a situation in advance.

It is necessary to ensure that it is possible to operate business without the need for a complete shutdown.

The New rules will create additional difficulties for entrepreneurs and their businesses, and will most affect those who, by their nature, cannot provide their services to customers and at the same time respect social distances.

COVID SAFE BUSINESSES (pandemic safe businesses)

Services where direct personal contact with people will not be necessary will be considered as Covid (pandemic) Safe Business.

Investing in a business that will not be able to operate during a pandemic will be risky.

Covid safe Business
No Social Contact required - Covid Safe Business

Contactless Car Wash - Pandemics Safe Business

The good news is that the Zorro contactless car wash belongs to the Covid (pandemics) safe business group. For the following reasons:

  1. The driver (customer) does not have to leave his/her car while washing and waxing the vehicle.

  2. Fast speed of washing and waxing service (approx. 5 - 7 minutes)

  3. There is no social contact.

Watch video "Why Contactless Car Wash is Covid Safe Business"

The investment in a Contactless Car Wash Business is safe. Car washing and waxing service can be provided to end customers even during a declared pandemic (Covid-19).

Contactless Car Wash Zorro is Covid Safe Business

Watch Video Tour - Zorro Contactless Car Wash

If you are interested in operating a Zorro contactless car wash station in the Philippines, Vietnam or Malaysia, please contact us.



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