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How difficult is it to operate a contactless car wash?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Many people say: I would like to invest in Franchise Car Wash Zorro. But I would like to know how difficult it is to operate a contactless car wash station? Is it a lot of work and problems?

If I answer with one sentence, then it can be said that it is not difficult and it is not completely without work either. The contactless car wash station must be built before operation begins. And this will probably be the most challenging part of the entire car wash business. The work connected with the operation of a contactless car wash is basically simple.


From the investor's point of view, there are two ways to build a Franchise car wash ZORRO. The first is that you leave the construction to Franchisor, the second option is to arrange the construction yourself. If you decide to leave the building to Franchisor, then the construction process only partially affects you. It is only necessary to cooperate in terms of different permits, water and electricity connections and similar matters. If you decide to implement the construction yourself, then the whole construction process is on your side and you have only one obligation to implement the construction according to the prescribed rules of the Franchisor.

Building a car wash requires:

  • construction of concrete slab foundation

  • building attic (shelter)

  • water and electricity connections

  • realization of water management (reservoirs)

  • installation of technology (supplied and performed by franchisor)

  • installation of shields with logo (supplied by franchisor)

Once the construction is completed and the operation is started, it is necessary to proceed with marketing activities.


Marketing is certainly a powerful tool that will attract many customers and therefore it is necessary to invest few time and money in this activity.

At the beginning it is necessary to understand for whom, and how we want to do marketing. Contactless car wash station is a local business and there is no need to create campaigns for the whole city or even for the whole country. All we need is simple marketing, which will be aimed at reaching potential customers who live or work around the car wash ZORRO station. Another target group is pedestrians who pass by, but mainly drivers who use roads that run near the car wash station. The car wash station itself is the perfect marketing tool. As it is a modern building with a welcoming environment and, at the same time, efficiently illuminated at night, this makes the station the perfect marketing "billboard".

Franchise Car wash station ZORRO is the perfect marketing tool in itself.
Car wash station is the perfect marketing tool in itself.

All we need is simple marketing methods. For example, street billboards, various posters, banners, signboards, leaflets into mailboxes, etc.

Franchise business in Philippines - Zorro car wash
Franchise business in Philippines - Zorro car wash

Once your first customers arrive, it's a good idea to have a loyalty marketing strategy in place. Contactless car wash ZORRO is highly profitable, so there is no problem creating various actions. For example, after nine washes customer will get the tenth wash for free. Or reward customers with a small gift after a certain number of washes, ideally a toy for his/her children, or some gift for use in the car (such as a scented tree or a bottle of soft drink). These are simple marketing strategies that are not expensive and most importantly they are effective. Customers will be happy to return to you.


This is also a simple and unpretentious activity for investor. It is necessary to employ a station manager, cashier and several staff to operate the car wash compartments. Their number depends on the number of washing stations and whether the car wash will be operated on a daily or 24/7 basis.

  • Compartment staff do not need to have any high education. They only need to be trained in handling the pressure washing gun and the control panel (program switch).

  • The manager should be a person with a higher education, as he/she will be subject to higher demands. He/she would have to manage and control the staff and the cashier.

  • The cashier should have an education of medium character, because he/she will dispose of money and issue official receipts.


Simple. Detergents and wax are supplemented by a specialized company or directly by Franchisor employees.


Simple. Maintenance is provided by a specialized company or directly by Franchisor employees.


Simple. Cleaning of the car wash environment and the surrounding area is ensured by compartment staff.


Finally, I can answer the introductory question that operating a Contactless Car Wash ZORRO is simple and unpretentious. Doing business in the Contactless car wash will not take you much time or cause you endless stress.

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