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How Zorro Contactless Car Wash works

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Stainless Steel - Franchise business Car wash Zorro in the Philippines

In the ZORRO contactless Car Wash boxes, the entire cleaning process is handled by one pressure washing gun, which handles all the necessary steps. The biggest advantage of contactless washing is the speed, quality and price of the service.

Water gun - Franchise car wash Zorro

How can one pressure washing gun handle the entire washing process without touching the car?


Behind the entire cleaning process in ZORRO Contactless Car Wash is a technology that is hidden from the customer's eyes. It is a complex technological unit that specifically modifies the chemical and physical properties of water and mixes it with various ingredients in precise proportions to achieve the best possible car wash result.

Advanced technology Franchise business in Philippines - Car wash Zorro

In addition, the water is heated to a higher temperature throughout the technological process, which significantly helps to speed and quality of washing and is further transported to the washing gun under high pressure.


The cleaning process in ZORRO Contactless Car Wash takes place in five consecutive steps.

  1. Prewash

  2. Main Wash

  3. Rinse

  4. Waxing

  5. Polishing + Drying.

Control panel Contactless car wash Zorro

1. PREWASH - Softening dirt (preparation for next step)

  • Using the specially prepared water.

  • Mixing with special ingredients.

  • Softening dirt (preparation for next step).

2. MAIN WASH - Helps to dissolve oily dirt

  • Specially prepared water.

  • Special ingredients.

  • Pressured water & activator.

  • Heated water.

3. RINSE - Dirt and Ingredients after main wash are rinsed

  • Specially prepared water.

4. WAXING - Very quality protection for a long time

  • Specially prepared water.

  • The latest generation polymer (wax), covers the surface of the vehicle with a thin and very durable layer of wax.

  • Thanks to heated water, it adheres properly to the body.

5. POLISHING & DRYING - Eliminating the need to wipe or dry the surface of the vehicle

  • Specially prepared water.

  • Mixing with drying and polishing agent.

  • Allowing the resulting effect without stains and smudges.

The entire cleaning process in the above five steps in case of washing a conventional sedan (such as Vios) does not take longer than 5-7 minutes.

Franchise business in the Philippines - Zorro

Benefits of the ZORRO Contactless Car Wash process

  • Significant water savings.

  • Significant savings in car wash products.

  • Environmental Protection.

  • Car wash speed, high efficiency.

  • No risk of damage (swirl marks, micro scratches, etc.)

  • Possibility of washing large vehicles (bus, truck, etc.).

  • Better service price (fair play).

  • High profitability.

  • Fast return on investment.

Contactless car wash for any vehicle (motorcycle - truck)

If you want to know more about ZORRO Contactless Car Wash, do not hesitate to contact us.


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