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Profitable franchise business idea for expats in the Philippines

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Expat and his wife are preparing a business in the Philippines
Expat and his wife are preparing a business in the Philippines

Starting a business in the Philippines is a challenge for expats. The reason is not the lack of opportunities, but the Philippines is already sufficiently secured in many types of businesses.

We often hear from foreigners in the Philippines that they would like to invest in franchising concepts in cart food. Apart from the fact that there is more than enough competition in the food sector, it is also management-intensive business that takes up more than 8 hours a day. Profit then ranges from hundreds to thousands of US dollars. However the advantage of cart food business is low investment.

Higher investment - High profit - Fast ROI - Simple Business.

But there are other possibilities for expats who are planning to do business in the Philippines and they are looking for some other ideas. A new, highly profitable franchising project, which is focused on car washing by the contactless method, entered the Philippine market shortly ago.

Car washing is a common business that you will meet in many places in Philippines. The vehicles are washed by hand, so it is necessary to wait relatively long time for the result. If the customer orders additional vehicle waxing, waiting can be extended up to 2 hours, depending on the size and type of vehicle.

Therefore, the washing process should be significantly accelerated, without compromising the resulting washing and waxing quality. This can be achieved by automating the entire process, using modern technologies and optimizing the work process. And that is exactly Contactless car wash ZORRO technology.

Fast car washing and waxing - High Profitability

The contactless method of washing vehicles, allows to shorten the process for a period of 5-7 minutes, considering the size sedan vehicle. Waxing is also included in this time interval, so it can be said that in theory, up to 10 sedan vehicles per hour can be fully washed and waxed in one car wash compartment. In addition, the price for wash & wax is much lower for the end customer than is common in the Philippines.

ZORRO Contactless Car Wash station in the night
ZORRO Contactless Car Wash station in the night

Return on Investment

Due to the fast and quality contactless process of car washing, it is possible to achieve a return on investment in the horizon of 6 to 12 months. Such a return on investment can be achieved if the technological capacity of the car wash is used at only 10-20%. In other countries where contactless technology has been used for more than decade, the capacity utilized in the technology ranges from 40-80%, depending on the season, as there is always a decline in car wash interest during the winter. There is no winter season in the Philippines, which of course helps the whole project and increases its profitability.

Advantages - why to invest?

  • First in the Philippines (zero competitors).

  • Highly profitable.

  • Fast Return on Investment.

  • Proven Business in Philippines and abroad.

  • Fast high capacity Contactless Car Wash.

  • Car paint friendly (no swirl marks, no scratches, contactless technology).

  • Complex service (wash & wax & additionally vacuum cleaner).

  • Can be washed any vehicle (motorcycle, car, van, bus, truck, etc.).

  • Quality service (modern technology).

  • Modern environment (customer attractive).

  • Service price (wash & wax) from 200PHP.

  • Easy Business without complications, time-saving management.


  • The investment starts with 2 compartment station - 4.9 million pesos (approximately 95 thousands USD).

  • Land (rent or ownership).

  • Registered Company in Philippines (however, for expats with a pinay wife, the registration process is much easier).

Bus in Contactless Car Wash ZORRO.
Contactless Car Wash ZORRO is ready for any type of vehicles.

Is this business good for expats?

Construction of the contactless car wash station can be completed within 6 months, after signing the contract. For the first 6 months of operation, it is possible to create a profit amount that will cover the entire initial investment. So after 12 months, if we count from the moment of signing the contract, the car wash station can generate a profit.

Contactless Car Wash is designed for expats and foreigners who do not want to invest all their time in work and everyday duties and business management. And also for those who want to do relatively simple business in the Philippines with fast return on investment and high profitability.

We are ready to provide our partners with advice as well as help with the process of ensuring all the necessary elements to start the project. In case of investor interest we are also ready to manage the project after its launch.

Are you interested?

If you are considering becoming a contactless car wash owner, do not hesitate to contact EURIMEX Inc., the owner of the franchise project, CONTACT US for more information.



BLOG: https://www.franchisingcarwash.ph/blog

WEB: https://www.franchisingcarwash.ph

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzPxKCG70W6PFbDSbo1Yl5w



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