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What is CONTACTLESS Car Wash?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

It is an automated washing process where you do not need any fabric, sponge or any other washing aid. Only water and washing agents come into contact with the vehicle surface. The washing process is provided by a car wash station employee, it is not a fully automated way of washing.

Contactless washing of vehicles is based on the principle of proper mixing of water with the agent, as well as on the correct washing technique.

Contactless washing uses several different technologies that work in synergy, controlled by the central unit and the relevant software and ensure:

1. Special water treatment for washing.

2. Water heating to the right temperature.

3. Accurate mixing of treated and heated water with washing agents.

4. Ensure high pressure of transported water for perfect washing.

5. Correct dosing of hot wax for long-term protection of the vehicle surface.


- Fast car wash in 5 - 7 minutes (Sedan)

- Washing and waxing in one service

- Low costs

- Long-term protection of the vehicle surface

- No risk of Swirl Marks (micro scratches)

- Car wash station staff ensures the quality of washing.

- Washing of all common vehicles (motorcycle, car, truck, bus, etc.)

Contactless vehicle washing is a very fast option for 2in1 (washing and waxing) of any kind of vehicle at a lower price than for example in detailing centers. Moreover, there is no risk of car paint damage. Contactless washing service is designed especially for customers who do not want or do not have time to spend a long time in common car washes and also for those who want their car color to retain its original shine for the longest possible time.

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